Sport Psychology short courses aim to bridge the gap between the teaching of Sport Psychology theory and its application to the individual’s own sporting environment.  These courses are designed to be a combination of online learning along with 1:1 consultation.  This gives the individual the opportunity to learn specific techniques and strategies but to also start to think and reflect upon how to apply these to their own sport-specific situation.   

Short course 1: ‘The Resilient Athlete’ – £299 for 6 sessions

A short course designed for junior athletes.  This course is delivered by Sam Porter (for information on Sam please visit  To book this course please enquire using the form below.

  • Introductory consultation with athlete only, or parent and athlete (30 mins)
  • 6 x pre-recorded on-line course tutorials and activities (20 mins each)
  • 6 x individual consultations (60 mins each)
  • The course covers:
    • The Mentally Tough Athlete (self-aware)
      • values, identity, motivation, confidence, strengths, mind-set
    • The Controlled Athlete (self-regulating)
      • psychological skills training, focus, attention, emotional control, rational thinking
    • The Prepared Athlete (self-managing)
      • performance planning, performance habits, reflection, goal-setting

Short course 2: ‘Parenting Performance Athletes’ – coming soon

Short course 3: ‘Recovering from Injury’ – coming soon

Short course 4: ‘Sport Psychology in Coaching’ – coming soon

Bespoke Courses:  available on request

Please get in touch for an informal discussion and with any queries relating to Sport Psychology.