Performance Psychology consultations are suitable for individuals in other environments such as business, education, and the performing arts, who are interested in applying Sport Psychology principles to their own performance context.

Performance Psychology consultations are also suitable for individuals looking for coaching/mentoring, and for general personal and professional development. At the Mind Room, the Spotlight Profile personality profiling report is used as a basis for coaching/mentoring.

The Spotlight Profile: £150 – completion of profile and 1:1 de-brief

The Spotlight Profile is a strengths-based personality profiling tool focussing on developing individual adaptability.  The profile avoids the ‘typing’ often exhibited by traditional personality profiling tools, by encouraging the individual to adapt their mindset and behavioural style according to the performance context they find themselves in.  This focus on adaptability in performance is particularly relevant in today’s dynamic and ever-changing performance environments.

After completing a set of on-line questions (taking approximately 20 minutes), the individual receives a 16-page personalised report providing insight into their own personal:

  • Mindset and behavioural style preferences
  • Motivators and how important these are
  • Strengths, how these can be developed, and when they are in danger of being overplayed (weaknesses)
  • Resilience and how this can be developed further
  • Stressors and how these can be addressed
  • Sources of confidence and how these can be built upon

The Spotlight Profile was born out of elite sport where high-performing athletes consistently demonstrate the ability to adapt their mindsets and behavioural styles to different performance contexts.  It is now widely used by a number of business organisations and elite sporting organisations such as the English Institute of Sport, the England Cricket Board, the English FA and GB Hockey.  For more information on the profile visit

Please get in touch for an informal discussion and with any queries relating to Performance Psychology.